VOE foundation, as a way of contributing to the development of the young Nigerian, is set up to implement and develop programs which will facilitate education and athletic career development. This will help the Nigerian nation to produce a pool of talented and elite athletes as well as supporting these athletes to acquire necessary academics for life after sports as education does not just benefit the athlete but also a nation's economic development


Empowering young people using education and sports to achieve their various aspirations.


VOE Foundation runs campaigns in collaboration with other organisations to promote a healthy and active lifestyle

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socio-ECONOMIC development

our approach 

We believe in working together with strategic organisations to inspire and build capacity of young people through increased participation in sports programs. These organisations include schools, local community sport clubs, sport governing bodies and international sport organisations.

Talent Identification through our network of scouts and through hosting competitions enables us recognise athletes with exceptional abilities who through our support can pursue a professional career in their chosen sport.

At the heart of our programs is our coach academy which ensures that sport facilitators in different localities as exposed to best practices in coaching and gain the skillset necessary to support the development of recreational and elite athletes.

What we do

FC Bayern youth cup nigeria

Our Signature tournament for identifying elite U16 boys is part of the FC Bayern Youth Cup tournament series hosted by FC Bayern partners in different countries.

Youth Development

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academy support

We support grassroot sport academies and clubs by donating training equipment that they can use in delivering training sessions and attending games.

Youth Development

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coach academy

In Collaboration with FC Bayern Munich, we have been hosting free coach education since 2018 among other programs such as an FCT FA workshop with Bayern Legend Giovane Elber.

Football Education

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books and boots

Our Books and Boots project encourages devotion to education by rewarding good academic results with a pair of sports boots.

Community Programs

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Our programs has seen the stories of many young Nigerians change forever with many players coming through our program to the national team and professional football in Europe.

Success Stories

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Future Projects

With many partnerships with like minded government bodies and private corporations in the works, find our about our upcoming projects and how you can be part of it.

Future Projects

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Our Awesome GALLERY

Take a snippet into our several programs over the years ranging from several editions of the FC Bayern Youth Cup Series to our boots to Books Initiative